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calm. focus. center. zen.

an appreciative approach inspired by zen and "focus" by Leo Babauta.

The zen-inspired philosophy for the production of now media focusses on tranquilidad (tranquility) and being centered.

I believe that only from performing outstanding in one medium you allow yourself to enter another medium. With this appreciative and humble approach the multi-, cross- and trans-medium production becomes more valuable, rich and fine.

cismedia is when you start one thing after you finished the other thing.

In personal and client projects I balance the necessity of every medium and its features against each other. If a medium or a particular element of it doesn't fit with the business requirements and the human user's expectations I dismiss it. This happens before any line is written or asset is designed.

I emphasize on each medium's appropriate strengths and the power of having clients as partners. I don't force a partnership or medium usage if I don't see a fit. That's fair for all.

cismedia centers around what is possible within a medium. I define and refine the medium's edges to explore what is possible. But I don't stretch it over so it doesn't get worn out. Constant streamlining is accompanying the process and is strongly powered by the German Bauhaus thinking of the 1930's.

If a medium's usage is not well applied in its core the whole multiple media experience lacks integrity and magnificence.

However, cismedia can easily result in transmedia. Find out how and contact me.

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